LIKE Ventures promotes the utilization of innovative technology to increase parity and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. The venture firm is made up of three synergistic business units consisting of LIKE Ventures Fund, Foundation, and Advisory working towards one mission:

To promote innovators working towards a more equitable world by increasing accessibility for people with disabilities.


LIKE Ventures is led by a team of champions within the disability and investment communities. We leverage our network to engage with innovation and disability experts to educate, build networks, and advance our mission through prominent industry conferences, strategic advisory services, and early stage investments.

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Dr. James Gillespie
Managing Partner & Co-Founder

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Linsey Feit
Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Marco Pasqua
Co-Founder & Chair, Accessibility Conference of Technology (ACT)
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Jake Curtis
Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Andil Houlder
Advisor & Co-Founder
Caroline Thomas
Director of Marketing & Co-Founder
Carson Riley
Vice President